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Cryogen property programme CATS University of Idaho - cryogen properties database
Cryogen properties - online An online calculator for thermophysical properties of various gases with graphical or tabular output.
Cryogenic Data Handbook Selected Cryogenic Data Notebook compiled and edited by J.E. Jensen, W.A. Tuttle, R.B. Stewart, H. Brechna and A.G. Prodell; Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL 10200-R, Revised August 1980) -- beware the files are up to 10MB large
Helium T=f(p) International Temperature Scale 1990 - helium vapour pressure temperature equations
Helium properties Publication: The Observed Properties of Liquid Helium at the Saturated Vapor Pressure by Russell J. Donnelly and Carlo F. Barenghi
Material property formulas NIST - Cryogenic Technologies Group - material properties formulas
Puls Tube Database A data base maintained by the Cryogenics Group of the Project Technology Branch at NASA Ames Research Center. It contains comparative tables and bibliographies of most available publications on pulse tubes.
Talk by Dr. J.G. Weisend Talk: "Introduction to cryogenic engineering" by Dr. J.G. Weisend (SLAC, Stanford, USA) held on 19-23 February, 2001 -- CERN lecture archive
Talk by Prof. Dr. H. Quack Talk: "Introduction to cryogenic engineering" by Prof. Dr. H. Quack (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany) held on 08-12 March, 2004 -- CERN lecture archive

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